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  1. Clifford P. Anderson Sr. says:

    Two tours in Vietnam. 1966-1967. 30th Field Artillery attached to 101st Airborne. Have terminal cancer and would love to see the real wall. I lost three best friends over there. I should have been with them, but got sent for parts.

  2. Kim says:

    I would love to see my father get on an honor flight for recognition of his two tours of duty in Viet Nam while he was serving in the Air Force during his 20 years of military service and sacrifice. If my mother could go as his guardian would be phenomenal as she served right along side of him handling the hardship of raising 4 small children during those trying times. Please consider my father as a candidate as he has lost a lot of ground healthwise in the last year and I don’t think he will ever get there without assistance and support. He has never wanted any recognition for his service until the last few years. Now he understands what I have always felt, honor and pride in his duty to his country. As a result of that duty, he has endured cancer that dramatically altered his health and well-being. It is sad to see such a big man reduced to a shell of his former being. I would do anything for him as he was always that strong silent honest man with humongous integrity. Characteristics of which are seldom seen in today’s society. Although I am not daddy’s little girl, I will always look upon my father with the utmost respect as well as my mother. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Jerald R. McAlister says:

    Application for Vietnam War Honor Flight

  4. Richard P. Borg says:

    Please sign me up for an Honor Flight.

  5. Jon Woods says:

    Member of Vietnam Veteran Chapter 776.recovering from major surgery this July. Type 11 diabetes from agent orange.

  6. Larry Brown says:

    Vietnam Vet applying fro Honor Flight whenever possible Vietnam service infantry 1969-1970. Sgt. Disabled.

  7. james a. franklin says:

    I was just commenting to local Marine Corps commandant about when they might have flights for Vietnam Veterans on the 10 of Nov and low and behold they announced it on Channel 6 the same evening. I was with the Marines in Vietnam in 1966

  8. Robert L Boone says:

    I entered the Air Force June 18 1970. After basic I went to Chanute AFB for 7 months. Then to Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson until Nov 1972. Dec 1972 went to Hahn AFB in Germany and was discharged March 17, 1973. I was an Avionic Instrument Systems Technician.

  9. George Pajunen says:

    Veterans Day 2015
    For many of us veterans it has been a bunch of 50th anniversaries. We graduated from high school, got married,enter college,got drafted or join the service. We celebrate and remember our brothers and sisters who we served with and all the ones who served before. I’m just a ordinary guy just like most the guys and gals that went off to serve my country after high school. A lot of us didn’t really know what we wanted to do but more school wasn’t in our game plan . Yes we joined to avoid the draft and some of us just waited for the draft. Either way we served and most of us aren’t ashamed of our time we spent serving our country. Many of us worked behind the scenes and it wasn’t that we didn’t want to be on the front line in Vietnam but because that is where fate put us . Over and over again no matter where you were you learn the law of survival and you did what you had to do in many bad situations. You learned to sleep almost anyplace or anytime. You worked 24 hours with little breaks or so called breaks. You learned that the guy next to you could very well save your life and you could save his. You saw your buddies die before your eyes and cried like a babe because you missed home . Life went on in the jungles. aboard a ship ,on the bases, in the offices or wherever we were.. Yes we counted days and yes when we had liberty we spent our money like drunken sailors. Yes when we saw a kid on the street selling something we didn’t need we bought it. We saw the little kids begging in the streets. Trying to sell their virgin sisters for 20 pesos and sometimes we just gave them the 20 pesos without getting anything in return because we knew they were just trying to survive. We search out places and people were we could survive without feeling we were just being used. We went to the four corners of this planet not just Vietnam and we couldn’t get home for birthdays,grandma’s funeral and lost wives ,husbands and so much more . Hero’s we read about all the time and I thank God for those men and women who gave their lives for us . I also thankful those who just did what they had to do to make sure the bullets and supplies got where they had to be. No matter which branch of the service we served in it was team effort then and it is a team effort now . Number one goal has always been to keep our country safe and most of all Free.
    Published by Google Drive–Repor

  10. William T. Matthews, Jr. says:

    I am a Vietnam Veteran from 1968-1969, served with the 18th Combat Engineer Brigade, 19th Combat Engineer Battalion, HHC. I would like to add my name to list to go to the Wall.

  11. Norman Myers says:

    I was stationed in Germany in 62,63, 64, not in Vietnam, but in the Army during these years.

  12. Jess P Godsil says:

    I want info on sending my dad on the honor flight

  13. Karrie Kingdon says:

    My name is Karrie Kingdon and I’am writing to you for my Father Ellas Michael Ray & my Uncle David Pope. Both have served in Vietnam War. My Dad Ellas Ray was at Phu Bai Viet Nam in the Charlie Company 101st Airborne
    My Dad is a survivor of Prostate Cancer and my Uncle Dave is struggling with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. My dad is married to Dave’s sister Susan (Pope Ray ) who sadly has recently passed away on Nov. 2nd, 2015. Our family believes it would be wonderful if the two of them Ellas & Dave could travel together on this Honor Flight to Washington D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials. This once in a lifetime opportunity to see the memorial wall where their name is engraved has been a dream of my Dad’s & my Uncle’s for many years. If their is Anything I can do to make this happen PLEASE let me know… ~~KARRIE~~

  14. Kenneth H Vogelgesang says:

    Vietnam Vet 101st Airborne.

  15. JoanneAbbate says:

    As a Vietnam Era Vet, I am looking forward to taking one of the future flights.But I want to see the WW II and Korean vet get their turn first. Let me know when it is my turn to take your flight. Its a great thing that you are doing and I’m proud to be an American on this Veterans Day. Thanks You,

    SSG Joanne I. Hitshew Abbate

  16. Robert E Waltman Jr says:

    I was in the US Navy from July 1965 to July 1971. I was assigned to the USS Juneau LPD-10 in March 1969. Boarded her at Lockheed Shipyards and helped with the final touches to complete her. I was part of the Plankowner, Nucleus Crew as a Machinist Mate third class, soon to be second class. We did our sea trials and were off to Vietnam the later part of 1969. The ship was a troup transpot, we hauled 900-1400 marines on board. I was in Vietnam back and forth till 1971 when I was finally Honorably discharged. I would love to be able to do one of these Honor flight and see the wall. I have several friends names that I think should be on the wall. Thank you very much for the consideration. This is a wonderful thing you have been doing for the WWII Veterans and Korean Vets as well. Thank you!

  17. Kenneth Ringle says:

    Is the proper procedure for the Viet Nam Era application processed by mailing it to you and not submitting on line?

  18. Albert Neal Otten says:

    I’m interested in joining a honor flight

  19. Douglas A. Nelson says:

    I’m interested in an honor flight. I’m from the Viet Nam

  20. Albert Neal Otten says:

    I was in the Air Force. Entering in 1958. Retiring in 1980.

  21. Michael J Brown says:

    Vietnam Veteran

  22. Michael J Brown says:

    Would like to register for Honor Flight DOP – 10-27-50

  23. Michael G. Neff says:

    Interested in possibly going to Washington D.C. to view memorials

  24. william a jansen says:

    army 1-31-1966 thu 1-30-69

  25. Patsy A. Welzenbach says:

    I am not a Vietnam vet, but I need three applications for my brothers. Is that possible?

  26. Robert T. Neyens says:

    I think this is a wonderful program that you have going. I would really enjoy seeing in person the Memorials in DC.

  27. Robbie Escher says:

    I am wanting to sign my Dad up to surprise him.
    How do I go about doing that?

  28. Ronnie Small says:

    I can not get the application to open

  29. Ronald Schneider says:

    Served in Vietnam from 1966-1967 196 Lt Infantry brigade

  30. Larry C. Dodge says:

    I am interested in being part of these flights. I am a Vietnam veteran. I am active in the American Legion and the Marine Corps Legion of the QC

  31. rich trout says:

    do the VN veterans flight include VN era also or just those who were in country?

  32. Alberto Valdez says:

    Request to go on same flight as my friend Lowell Frye. I am a Viet Nam Vet. Lowell is a WW11 vet. Because of health & hearing of Lowell, he will only go with me as a companion.

  33. Ralph A. Chapman Jr. says:

    I am a Viet Nam Vet who has a childhood friend/ best buddy who is leaving on April 22, 2016 Honor Flight. If there would be any cancellations, I would greatly appreciate a phone call. Thank You so much for your time.

  34. Henry R Dryoel says:

    I would like to be able to go to the DC. Viet Nam wall. I would like to be able to go with the Hy Vee people

  35. Nicole Durbin says:

    My dad is a Vietnam Vet -Marine Corps. I would like to sign him up for an Honor Flight.

  36. VPS server says:

    If you are a Veteran and would like to experience an Honor Flight at no cost to you, please complete the application at left.

  37. Terry Gaskill says:

    Does the Viet Nam Honor Flight Application Form request a copy of the Veteran’s DD214 as required to send in with application?

    1. Terry Gaskill says:

      I’m asking for DD214 Form when a Veteran request a Viet Nam Honor Flight Application; since this is not on the application.
      Terry Gaskill, Honor Flight Representative

  38. Ray Duncan says:

    I am a Vietnam War era veteran with 50% disability. But I can also be a gaurdian as my disability does not limit capabilities to walk or assist a wheelchair bound veteran.

  39. Tom Kinney says:

    II was a service man in the Vietnam war 1966-67 , my son was in the national guard and was in “operation Iraq freedom” in 2002-2003. He could be my guide and you could be killing 2 birds with one stone. I am a retired factory worker and farmer, Mike works in town and farms the ground I own. We were in an article in “Iowa Farmer Today” in May, on “vets in Ag” It tells of our lives and the military. I would be honored to go with my son to be my guide. Thank You Honor Flight for all you do for us “Vets”. Tom Kinney

  40. Louis H Redcliff says:

    A friend of mine from WWII went on one of your flights and told me what a marvelous thing it was and encouraged me to visit your site

  41. Jerry A Sloan says:

    would like information about honor flight
    u.s. air force 1965 to 1970
    viet nam 1967 & 1968

  42. Richard P. Borg says:

    Would like to fill out application.

  43. Mike Gassman says:

    Just wondering what the requirements are to be a Guardian on one of these flights. My dad is a Vietnam veteran and I was just checking to see if I would work for me to be his guardian.



  44. Joseph R. DEPOVER says:

    I have filed an application but have not yet been contacted for Vietnam Veterans Honor Flight.
    Please contact me at 309-788-1731 or mobile 309-781-6084 by call or text or by my above email.
    Thank you for your response.

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