8 thoughts on “Honor Flight #47: April 25, 2019

  1. I filed an application with you all on 11/12/15. I am a Vietnam veteran I was just wondering if we will be getting a chance to make a honor flight this year. Thank you for your help

  2. I would like to sign my dad up for the Vietnam Veterans Honor Flight on September 15,2016. I would like to be his helper

  3. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I would like to be part of this Honor Flight.
    I will fill out the application form.
    Arthur J Munos

  4. I was contacted as a Vietnam vet to be able to go on the Honor
    Flight September 15 and later called and told because of over
    booking would not be able to go until next spring. Now I see there
    is another flight in October and am wondering if this would be
    Vietnam vets and would I be considered to go on this flight.
    Thank You Paul

  5. I was a guardian for the flight in May 2016 (TH before Memorial Day) and am wondering if I can apply to be a guardian again..? If so do I need o fill out an application again?
    How do I become a part of the volunteers helping with the flights, such as a bus captain etc.?
    Thank you for your time.

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